Why Harsh Parenting Is the Bad Idea

According to a study, many people believe that if you want to raise well-behaving kids, you have got to be a strict parent. Nevertheless, different studies in this regard show that this kind of authoritarian parenting actually raises the kids who have low self-esteem and they behave worse than the other kids. This combination of low self-esteem and problem behavior often make children to receive more punishments, making things even worse.

There are some reasons why harsh and strict parenting is a bad idea.

Strict parenting doesn’t give children the opportunities
Children need opportunities to perform well while staying in the limits set upon them. When you practice strict parenting, it pushes the matter about providing opportunities out of the question. On the other hand, if the limits are set with empathy, children find the flexibility in your behavior. This flexibility and attention are the very factors which make them respect the limits set by you. Furthermore, positive parenting helps the children to regulate their emotions.

Kid learns to be a bully
Since children consider their parents as their first role models, the parenting style matters the most when it comes to shaping their behavioral character. If your parenting style is harsh, the child will only learn to be a tougher guy, which in other terms is also referred to as a bully.

Angry and depressed kids
With authoritarian parenting, the children naturally tend to think that they are not the ones totally acceptable to their parents, and they are going to get no emotional support in case they are not doing well. This sense of being lonely is the very reason which can sadden the kids and install anger in them.

Obsession with power
We all know how bad the obsession with power can be. This obsession is usually found in the people who would get raised under strict parenting. The reason is that hard parents usually give a power show when they enforce limits. Such parents make the children feel that they have no choice but to obey what they are told. As a result, such children want to get the power or authority to use it on the others.

No self-righteousness
Since harsh parenting urges children to do only what they are told to, they would do the right things only when their parents are there. Furthermore, such suppressed children become excellent liars.

Worsened relationship between parents and children
When parents choose to be punitive, they essentially have to quit being empathic, which the parents naturally are. It makes the children unfulfilled. As a result, the kids start losing interest in pleasing the parents, making the parenting pretty hard job for the parents. In the end, it’s not just the children who remain unhappy and unsatisfied. Parents also get tired of their relationship with the children.